How Freelancing Catapulted My Marketing Analytics Career

15 December, 2018

Get The Ball Rolling When I first started my career, I was a college graduate applying to jobs with no relevant experience. “I worked installing air conditioners one summer” I would say as I applied to a VP of Marketing Role. A little naïve coupled with the common challenge of entry level positions requiring some experience, I tried an alternate route: I started looking for freelance projects that I knew I could do (i.e. data entry, creating emails, etc.) I started to land s [...]

You Can’t Fake Expertise

26 June, 2017

Anybody can post motivational quotes or ideas they took from the internet. They key differentiator is the underlying expertise. You cannot fake what you do not know. If you are in the right business, you have probably spent a long time building your expertise in whatever your industry happens to be. Whether you provide consultative services for your customers, or use your expertise to help sell retail products, the expertise can be what sets your business apart. #expertise #genius #digitalma [...]

See the World

18 April, 2017

Achieve Your Goals For Yourself It's easy to forget why we strive to achieve certain goals. Many people have a need to feel noticed, appreciated, and complimented. But as you climb the ladder of success, you will discover the great truth of human experience is found in the people you touch, the connections you make, and the places you see. Let your success be defined by you. Block out the need to compete. Block out the need to be recognized. Do things for you. Reach your level of success be [...]