Website Development

Web Design is not an Event.... It is a Process

We have now entered the “Age of the Customer” where consumers are more empowered than ever. With a computer at their fingertips ever second of the day, they have access to information & resources to make better decisions in all facets of their lives.

A business that does not have a professionally created website that matches their brand risk losing potential customers. Consumers are researching your company & products  long before they decide to make a purchase. If your website does not meet their needs, provide them answers, and give them the experience they expect they will move on to find someone who does.

Web Design and development process

Deciding which platform to build your website on is the first step. There are so many options out there and pro’s & cons of each one. See below for a high level break down on what we believe the good, bad, & ugly is of the top website platforms:


Quick and easy setup for non-techies Lack of security – open source nature
Simple to use & create content Customization requires coding
Massive library of themes Regular updates are required
Search Engine Friendly Plugins slow down site
Built-in Blog Feature Best templates can be costly
Support forums for troubleshooting Slow page loading times
Free to build & run site Code base is poorly developed



Ease of use for beginners Domain/Email Hosting not included
Quality & quantity of design Initial setup is challenging
Responsive-nature Costly monthly plans
Flexibility with add-ons Additional transaction fees
Easy-to-scale for all online stores Liquid coding language required
24/7 customer support Template Issues
Built-in speed & security for hosting Limited free offerings



Built-in SEO Steep Learning Curve
Beautiful designer-quality templates Expensive Cost
Responsive design Limited customization
24/7 Support Team Lack of detail in store stats
Hosted solution No bulk post editing
Easy-to-use site builder Slow page loading times
Easy import functions One payment processor available



Ability to add animations Difficult to switch templates
App Market Visible ads on basic plans
Drag & Drop website builder Cannot handle complex e-commerce needs
Free and low cost plans for the short-term sites Long-term pricing options
Professional templates SEO Issues
Mobile Editor Available No data export options
Strong support infrastructure No website ownership – belongs to Wix



Shop Promotion Features No 3rd party shipping integration
Inexpensive Doesn’t support multiple languages
Easy store customizations No support for recurring products
Inventory Tracking & Stats No phone or chat support
Custom URL Limit on number of product images
Seamless checkout Lack of community forums
Uncluttered interface Lack of themes and templates