Learn From the Losers

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April 18, 2017   |  

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Learn From the Losers
Who can give you better advice on how to succeed than successful people? Well, if you’re smart, you’d also listen to people who failed so you know what pitfalls to avoid. For every person who successfully started a business, listen to someone who failed to find out what tripped them up. Don’t just find out the habits of happy people, learn the habits that can make you miserable, too. While you should never trust just one single research study paying attention to many can paint a better picture of the world around you.
“It’s too bad failures don’t give seminars. Wouldn’t that be valuable? If you meet a guy who has messed up his life for forty years, you’ve just got to say, ‘if I bring my journal and promise to take good notes, would you spend a day with me?'” — Jim Rohn
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