JayOh and the New Age of Marketing

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March 29, 2016   |  

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JayOh and the New Age of Marketing
  • We have now entered the “Age of the Customer” where consumers are more empowered than ever. With a computer at their fingertips ever second of the day, they have access to information & resources to make better decisions in all facets of their lives.
  • It is a company’s responsibility to focus on serving customers with their marketing efforts instead of trying to interrupt them with advertising & promotional efforts.
  • Millennials are at the forefront of this marketing paradigm shift because they are highly engaged with technology everyday
  • Personalized & customized marketing efforts are no longer a luxury but now a necessity.
  • Traditional Marketing methods are no longer sufficient because consumers “tune them out”
  • Successful new age marketing is reaching customers when & where they want with content & information that is valuable and engaging to them.
  • To meet these high expectations it is now necessary to fully understand customers from every angle. Know what drives them and what they are looking for. Only then can you know what is truly valuable to them. With this information you can provide value through your marketing efforts.
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